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The 9th Asian Particle Technology Symposium

Congress history

In 2000, a few scientists from Asian countries gathered in Bangkok, Thailand, at the International Symposium on Particle Technology to elucidate and discuss the recent results and experimental developments on widespread endeavours in the field of particle technology. A characteristic feature of this symposium is that its organization lies in the hands of International Advisory Committee (hereafter referred to as IAC), International Organizing Committee (hereafter referred to as IOC) and Local Organizing Committee (hereafter referred to as LOC). There is no mighty society in the background. It lives on the enthusiasm, on the commitment and on the scientific curiosity of the regional community working in this important area of considerable industrial importance. 

From then on, the symposium was held in 2003 and in 2007, in Penang, Malaysia and in Beijing, China, respectively. Its frequency was changed from 3 years period to 4 years and the 3rd APT was held in Beijing in 2007, because the Fifth World Congress on Particle Technology was held in Orlando, Florida, USA in 2006. All the past and later symposium 
places are/will be described in the following table as the congress history:

APT                                                             Year                               Place
1st APT Symposium (APT 2000)                     2000                                   Bangkok, Thailand
2nd APT Symposium (APT 2003)                    2003                                   Penang, Malaysia
3rd APT Symposium (APT 2007)                     2007                                   Beijing, China
4th APT Symposium (APT 2009)                     2009                                   New Delhi, India
5th APT Symposium (APT 2012)                     2012                                   Singapore, Singapore
6th APT Symposium (APT 2015)                     2015                                   Seoul, Korea
7th APT Symposium (APT 2017)                     2017                                   Taoyuan, Taiwan
8th APT Symposium (APT 2021)                     2021                                   Osaka, Japan
9th APT Symposium (APT 2024)                    2024                                  Sydney, Australia

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